There are two factors that are very common when a company decides to import: the uncertainty of a reputable supplier with an expected product, and the surprise when the bill arrives.


Importing can be an extremely important ally for reducing costs and increasing productivity of your company, but a previous study is essential to make sure you are doing a good business.


We can consider some advantages of importing:

- Add value to your product and reduce the final cost with cheaper and higher quality inputs;

- Increase its production capacity or production line quality with superior technology equipment;

- Reduce costs by transferring production of a specific product to another country;

- Include new items in your product catalog that may be part of your core business but not part of your production know-how;

- And more!


Our Import Project goes far beyond buying a product in another country. OTTO Advisory, through its highly trained professionals, will assist you with all the step-by-step steps to make your company a real importer.


Our consultancy will help you:

- Previously analyze the viability of your import project;

- Identify and audit suppliers and products;

- Perform laboratory tests and request samples when applicable;

- Assist in the preparation of documents and the hiring of international freight;

- Logistic monitoring door-to-door;

- And more!


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