Have you considered developing an "export type" product?
This term is generally associated with proven quality products that have requirements to serve the global market. Yes, you can associate this quality with your brand!


There are several benefits of exporting, such as:

- Increase in billing;

- Early receipt on sale;

- Quality attributed to the product through international certifications;

- Improvement in the perception of the internal market regarding its product;

- Supply seasonal production;

- And more!


Our Export Project goes far beyond selling your product in another country. OTTO Advisory, through its highly trained professionals, will assist you with all the step-by-step steps to make your company a real exporter.


Our consultancy will help you:

- Translate your website into several languages;

- Translate your product catalog in several languages;

- Formulate EXW and FOB export price lists;

- Develop export relevant documentation such as Proforma Invoice, Packing List and Commercial Invoice;

- Conduct market research and analysis pointing out where to focus efforts and resources;

- Analyze need for product adjustments to reach new specific markets;

- Enable your company in the Brazilian Federal Revenue RADAR;

- And more!


Contact us now and schedule a visit with an OTTO consultant. We will come to you!

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